Joe Clegg

Ableton Live 
for Drummers

Recorded at Snap Studios, London
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Learn how Ableton Live powers some of the world's biggest pop shows
Mumford and SonsEllie Goulding
BASTILLEclean bandit

Within a musical context, Joe breaks down tracks from the final mix to stems and back to the multi-tracks—rebuilding it piece by piece into a playable version, ready for stage.

If you’re a drummer but totally new to MIDI, triggers, automation, and sample-based drums from a DAW, you will discover a whole new world of possibilities.

You will learn how to:

  • Translate studio recordings into the live arena.
  • Combine electronic and acoustic drums.
  • Incorporate outboard equipment.
  • Select, program, and automate your sounds.

“I might be the only person that gets excited at the thought of pop shows being played fully live, by musicians using technology as an instrument, without conventional backing tracks, but it’s more attainable than ever.”

five star


There really is no better place to learn this stuff and having these skills under your belt will bring you a tonne of work!

Ethan Carter @ethandrums_

Joe delivers such an important lesson for all modern drummers in an easy to follow format. This content is vital.

Matt Donald @mattdonald

When an instrument was damaged and we went went midi, the skills I learned here enabled me to save a show.

Andrew Burrows @andrew_burrows

Essential insight into something so important for professional level programming and show creation.

Josh Caplin @joshcaplin_

ALFD kick started my career. Everything I learnt from Joe I now use on every show I put together. It’s as simple as that.

Charlie Singleton @charliesingleton

A superb resource for drummers interesting in exploring more of the possibilities technology can offer.

Grant McGregor

Why Ableton?

“I use Ableton Live on almost every show I work on.”

“It isn’t the only DAW used in the world of live music, but it is creative, versatile, and reliable. Ableton handles MIDI, samples, and software instruments in a unique way, designed with performance in mind.”

Meet your instructor

One of the world’s leading Music Directors, Joe Clegg is known internationally as a Drummer and Live Music Producer.

He has worked with Mumford & Sons, Ellie Goulding, Bastille, Clean Bandit, Sigrid and many other artists. He has performed at major festivals (Glastonbury, Coachella, Fuji Rocks, Rock in Rio), venues (Wembley Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Staples Center), and on numerous television broadcasts all over the world.

Always keen to pass on his experience, Joe has taught masterclasses at music colleges and events internationally.

Course Lessons

About this course (1:20)
Why Ableton? Part 1 (13:24)
Why Ableton? Part 2 (13:48)
Listening (28:32)

Drum Racks
Drum Racks - The Basics (22:14)

Perfomance walkthrough: ‘60 Second Simmons’
Set-up (2:43)
Performance (1:19)

Demo: ‘Arrival’ Pt 1
Kick Automation (30:08)
Snare Automation (12:42)

Perfomance walkthrough: ‘Pyramids’
Performance (2:30)
Set-up (9:06)
Samples (4:49)

Demo: ‘Arrival’ Pt 2
Chorus Automation (29:36)
Snare Trigger (14:38)
Performance (3:13)

Go make something (1:13)

“I personally think that there is beauty in the detail, that recreating a programmed drum part with accuracy is an art form in itself.”

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